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What Mentoring Meant For AsOne

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Our Mentor Meant Business!

Innovation ClubCould an outsider help you improve your business? Most people, quite understandably, tend to shy away from the idea of engaging a business coach, but when you think about it, why shouldn’t you trust someone who has had a wealth of experience and success to pass on some of their knowledge for the benefit of yourself? It was a decision we at AsOne Design took some time ago and after a couple of false starts I have to say that it has been of enormous benefit to our business. So much so that it inspired us to develop our own business coach model when we set up our Innovation Club and that too has proved to be extremely beneficial for our clients. But more about that later, here’s a brief overview of our experience with a business coach and how it worked for us.

It wasn’t an easy decision

Appointing a business coach is never going to be an easy decision. You’re giving someone you don’t really know license to tell you what you should be doing with your business. But from my own experience taking on a business coach was one of the best moves we made at AsOne Design. A business coach is someone from outside who can view your entire operation as an expert independent observer. As an outsider they can see things that sometimes, because you are too close to your business and know how you have always done things – can’t! They can see things that are not quite right, or could be done differently and better, and they can pass on their own knowledge and expertise to help you improve your operation. A business coach can really make a difference, but they don’t necessarily provide you with the answers themselves, more than likely they will prompt you and encourage you and guide you to take the decisions that need to be taken. And if you take the wrong decision they will tell you and re-direct you along the correct pathway.

A word of warning though. If you do decide to engage a business coach, choose a good one! Business is a bit like football and as you know there are good coaches and not so good ones. Coaches who can get the best out of their team and others who somehow never quite get them to play to their full potential.

Our first coach talked the talk OK, but didn’t really help us very much. We always felt that he should have got more out of us, encouraged us to test ourselves more, to have provided more guidance and challenged us to make the changes that would have changed our business for the better.

Our best business coach was someone who had proved he could also walk the walk as well as talk the talk. He was a really successful businessman in his own right. He had done it for himself and now wanted to pass on his expertise and the lessons that he had learned. He didn’t tell us what to do, he told us what he thought we should be doing, but he left it up to us to research to best ways of achieving these goals and putting the ideas into practice.

Thanks to his mentoring it opened our eyes to operating in new ways. To doing things differently. And it really did drive us on to greatly improving our efficiency, success and profitability. If you consider engaging a business coach my advice would be to ask around and get other people’s opinions. If you come across a person who is frequently recommended then they’re probably the person to chat to.

We try to help our clients through our Innovation Club

In a way it is similar to a business coach in that we offer AsOne Innovation Club members experience-based advice on marketing matters – especially digital and website marketing – and like our business coach we don’t issue instructions we offer suggestions and prompt actions that should be taken. What’s more we can generally tell if clients have followed up our recommendations … because the results will generally show up in the analysis we provide for their website performance.

My recommendation is that you should seriously consider a business coach because it installs a new set of disciplines and a different way of thinking that may be extremely valuable for your business.

And if you would like to know more about the AsOne Innovation Club an how you can gain improved understanding of how to get the best out of your online activity, then you can get more information here or call us.