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Matthews Environmental Solutions win Medium Business of the Year 2018

Matthews Environmental Solutions

On Friday 9th February the Greater Manchester Business Awards were held and Matthews Environmental Solutions won Medium Business of the Year. The Greater Manchester Business Award celebrates businesses who show excellence in our regional economy while promoting our values and excellence globally. To win the award is an honour and highlights the quality of work and craftsmanship each element of business upholds.

Matthews Environmental Solutions

Matthews Environmental Solutions is a global leader in combustion technology, including cremation, incineration and bespoke equipment exporting globally. AsOne have been an integral aspect of their online journey here in the UK and are lucky to class them as one of our clients. AsOne guides our client to ensure that each element of the marketing process they undertake is specific to them.

Matthews Environmental Solutions

Due to the nature of the industry that Matthews Environmental Solutions operate it is imperative that the digital marketing is dynamic. Due to global regulations being different in different marketplaces tailoring the message important. For example, when targeting a European audience in their domestic market the rules and regulations on the finalised products are different to those distributed the United States.

As a trusted partner to Matthews Environmental Solutions, AsOne have seen the transformation of the business in the past 12 months. In 2017 we suggested a change in the marketing activity they undertake and the results have been astounding. To add more credibility to this statement, Matthews Environmental Solutions have won 2 awards, one of which is the Greater Manchester Business Award last Friday.

Matthews Environmental Solutions

The enhanced marketing activity has allowed us to capitalise on the growing interest in waste incineration technology and showcase British craftsmanship globally. John Schofield the UK managing director of Matthews Environmental Solutions had this to say after the award regarding our service.

“ I just wanted to say thanks for all your efforts. It is genuinely much appreciated. You have done a sterling job. Top banana. Please give my best regards to both Joel and Tracey and thank them for their assistance for what is nearly a generation.”

To watch our client win the Medium Business of the Year award at the Greater Manchester Business Awards capped off a tremendous year of growth in 2017. We look forward to an exciting journey where we will push our clients to even greater heights.

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