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Forging a New Relationship with Multiquip UK

marketing tactics

We’re delighted to announce the launch of Multiquip UK’s new website, and this becomes the first element of their wider marketing tactics going forward in partnership with AsOne.

In the USA, the Multiquip brand name is synonymous with high quality in the construction trade. Indeed, the products are so widely used that it is remarkable if a large construction firm does not own any Multiquip equipment. In the UK, however, they do not have the same level of market penetration, and they have teamed up with AsOne in order to develop their marketing tactics to reflect the successes they have across the pond.

The first step to develop Multiquip UK’s marketing tactics has been to build and launch a new website for them. Their old site was not fit for purpose; the contact numbers were American lines, it did not reflect the modern technology that their products feature, and it was not mobile responsive, so when viewed on a phone the text was illegible and touch targets were tiny. In launching a dedicated website for the UK arm of the business, our marketing tactics can become far more relevant and targeted to the UK market.

In terms of the functionality of the website, it’s most crucial feature is that it allows users to compare products easily, the site also features a comprehensive range of filters in the product store allows users to quickly find exactly the product which they require from the catalogue of Multiquip equipment. In terms of marketing tactics, having a useful and easy-to-understand website will build a positive image of the brand in the minds of the consumer, who may transpose these qualities onto the products.

marketing tactics

A further role of the website within the wider marketing tactics of the client is it serves as a place from which to capture customer data, to then be used in future marketing efforts. For any brand, building up its list of customers that it can contact directly is crucial, whether that be for a monthly email, over social media or through SMS messaging. Multiquip UK did not have access to these compliant customer lists when they came to us as their digital efforts had been disordered, and interactions were going through the US team. This website gives them a space to manage their own clients and amplify their marketing tactics by making them more relevant and specific.

From a sales perspective, this digital business development takes some pressure off the live sales team. As a fully functioning e-commerce website, individuals who know what they need can navigate straight to the item, purchase, and have it shipped without having to take up a phone line to complete their order, saving queue space for those customers who actually need to talk to a sales advisor.

marketing tactics

All that’s left for us to do is invite you to check out the site – and if you like what you see, and think that partnering with AsOne could be beneficial for your business, then we’d love to hear from you. You can ring on 0161 368 9100 or you can get in touch via our website.