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Do you connect through marketing?

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Marketing in it’s purest sense is about changing the way people think about your brand. It might be that they think you are the best at something, the worst at something, that you do something completely different to what you actually do or they might not think anything at all. The job of a good marketeer is to let the world know through good marketing what you want people to think about your brand.

Do you know what people think about your brand? Or worse still do you have no idea what people think about your brand?

If you don’t know I would recommend ringing your 10 best clients immediately and talking to them about what they think about you. You need to know if what people think aligns with what you want them to think. The marketing you send out should ensure that everyone thinks about your business in the same way.


Taking your marketing further

The biggest brands do a lot of marketing work to go a step further than this. They build campaigns that make people feel something. Emotional connections to brands are incredibly strong and have a massive effect when it comes to how you think about that brand. Coke spend countless amounts of money making sure that they are tied to Christmas because Christmas is a time of year that people look forward to and are generally very happy. The Christmas Coke commercial is now seen as an indicator that Christmas is just around the corner. The idea is you think Christmas, you feel happy and you think Coke.

Continuing the Christmas theme. Take a look at this video from Westjet airways:

I can guarantee that everyone on that plane now hears the Westjet name and feels immediately happy and I know that if I’m ever in Canada there is only one airline I’ll be using. Watching that video makes me feel all warm, fuzzy and christmassy. That will have a big influence when choosing which airline to fly with, even if it’s in July!

These brands have thought about how their want to connect with their target audience. They have put a lot of time and effort into making those positive connections and they have seen real return from making them.

So I’ll ask you again. What do people think about your brand? If you aren’t sure, we should have a chat! Email us on here@asone.co.uk or call us on 0161 368 9100.