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Finding a Manufacturing Marketing Agency to Jumpstart your Growth

Over the past few years digital technologies have revolutionised the way many industries reach their target audience and interact with their customers. However, manufacturing businesses have been slower to adapt and are only recently starting to engage with marketing agencies to find out what these emerging technologies could enable for them.

Techniques like content marketing, SEO, social media, paid ads and email marketing are gradually starting to get more traction across the industry, with some companies feeling the benefit already.   

Why seek out a Manufacturing Marketing Agency?

We have seen several key trends emerge through working with manufacturing and engineering companies over the past few years. These point to some of the key reasons companies are seeking out third party agencies to help with their marketing strategies.

  • Introduction of digital marketing practices – As an industry manufacturing has been late to the game with regards to digital marketing techniques. While other industries have quickly shifted to online channels, building websites and leveraging social media channels, many manufacturers are only just starting to experiment.  Manufacturing Marketing Agency
  • Getting up to speed – We find most manufacturing companies don’t have the expertise in house to run digital marketing campaigns and are therefore seeking support from a manufacturing marketing agency who can guide them through the process. At AsOne we are fully transparent with our customers and not only craft the strategy for them, but talk them through the approach and help to get them up to speed.
  • Uncertainty around Brexit – Brexit has caused a great deal of uncertainty in the UK, and many manufacturers in particular are cautious about how their business will be impacted. This has led them to explore new ways to fuel their growth, such as finding new channels to reach their target audience.
  • Shift to B2C models – One new model that manufacturers are increasingly exploring is the shift away from purely B2B relationships and towards B2C products or services. Digital marketing has made this easier than ever, enabling manufacturers to launch ecommerce platforms and interact directly with retail customers through social media.

A combination of these factors is driving interest in digital marketing techniques, with manufacturers questioning how they can benefit from these technologies and what new opportunities they will create for them.

 The Manufacturing Marketing Agency of Choice

At AsOne we have developed a specialist approach to working with companies in the manufacturing sector, collaborating closely with our clients to drive long-term business growth. Our deep understanding of the industry and intricate knowledge of our clients business means we are uniquely positioned to spot these strategic growth opportunities.

We explore all the options available and craft digital marketing strategies that are tailored to the precise needs and budgets of our customers.

If you’d like more information or a conversation about how AsOne could become your preferred manufacturing marketing agency, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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