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Magento End of Life

If your business is built on your Magento shop, what we’re about to say is absolutely crucial. The Magento 1 End of Life cycle is now in full swing, and support is also ending for early versions of Magento 2.

If your business shop is built on either of these platforms, you need to seriously consider what your next eCommerce software will be.

What’s more, the timelines for the Magento 1 End of Life cycle and the Magento 2 end of support do not give you a huge amount of time, meaning that you need to make this decision an absolute top priority in your business. If your shop is built on an early version of Magento 2, you only have until November 30 before your site loses its PCI compliance, meaning that you cannot securely take payments through your site. This could cost you your revenue and, more importantly, cost your customers far more, destroying your brand reputation.

Without support, your eCommerce site’s security cannot be guaranteed, which is the consumer’s top concern when it comes to buying things online.

VersionSupport End Date
1.X (eg. 1.9)June 2020
2.0, 2.1 & 2.2November 2019

The Magento 1 End of Life cycle and ending of support for early Magento 2 leaves you with the choice to upgrade your Magento package – which can be incredibly costly and is not as simple as upgrading your phone software, for example –  or the chance to evaluate your eCommerce needs, and the opportunity to look around the market for different solutions. If Magento is going to force you to change your software, well, then maybe you should do just that.

You might have been sold Magento some time ago, on the promise that it was the biggest, best and brightest solution for your eCommerce needs. But do you use all of its functions? Do you need all of its abilities? If not, then there might be cheaper, simpler, streamlined options available for your business. WooCommerce or Shopify might be better matched to the size of your business and your scaleable ambitions, without the unused frills of Magento. The Magento 1 End of Life cycle is the perfect time to re-evaluate your eCommerce needs and find the best match on the market.

Either way, whether you’re staying with the platform through the Magento 1 End of Life cycle and ending of support for early Magento 2, or opting to avoid a costly upgrade by switching eCommerce solutions, AsOne can provide the technical expertise to migrate your existing shop wherever you want it to go – wherever it’s best for your business to take your store – even if that decision is to remain on the Magento platform. For a more detailed breakdown of the options available, check out our blog post comparing the 5 major eCommerce platforms.

If you’d like to hear more about your options and are looking for some guidance on where to go during the Magento 1 End of Life cycle, contact one of our expert team today.