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Luxury Hotel Marketing – Promoting your Luxury Hotel the Right Way

Luxury Hotel Marketing

Luxury Hotel Marketing

Luxury hotel marketing has become increasingly competitive over the past few years, as customers look to online travel agencies to get the best price on their accommodation.

Luxury hoteliers can use the latest developments in technology and digital marketing to their advantage, highlighting the benefits of paying that little bit extra for a luxury hotel stay.

At AsOne, we have experience helping clients promote luxury products both in the leisure and hospitality industries, and we understand the key traits to keep in mind to market them effectively.

Key traits of Luxury Hotel Marketing

  1. Pick the right channels – Finding the right avenues to reach your target customers is vital when marketing any luxury product, and this will be reflected in your choice of marketing channels. There is no point investing marketing spend to reach an audience that will never buy your product. Whether you decide to partner with other luxury brands or use highly targeted social media campaigns, always be sure that you have your target customer in mind.
  2. Attention to detail – Customers looking for a luxury hotel will have very high expectations for their stay. Their perception of whether they will get that from your hotel starts from their very first interaction with your luxury hotel marketing, whether on your own website, or an ad on someone else’s. It is vital that you spend the time checking and rechecking everything to ensure that you don’t miss any minor mistakes. This could be anything from spelling errors to incorrect details in the terms of an offer.
  3. Build loyalty – As a luxury hotel, you have the opportunity to create the air of an exclusive luxury club that guests feel part of and want to return to again and again. This will help build loyalty and increase your direct bookings. Maintaining an email list and sending exclusive offers can be an effective way of doing this. Remember when buying a luxury item, customers are buying into that brand’s lifestyle and values.
  4. Commit to excellence – Luxury hotel marketing is greatly benefited by ads that help you stand out from the competition, and demonstrate that your product is different and superior to what people can get elsewhere. Using things such as high production quality video on your site helps to set the standard for the rest of their stay.

In luxury hotel marketing it is particularly important that your brand values shine through everything you do. It is safe to assume that value is of less concern for your target market, instead, they are looking for unique luxury experiences that they wouldn’t find elsewhere. Therefore it is vital that your marketing emphasises the things that make you great, and that makes you stand out from the competition. 

Luxury Hotel marketing in partnership with AsOne 

At AsOne, we always invest the time upfront to get to know our clients, because we understand that there is no one size fits all approach to promoting businesses, and this is particularly true of luxury hotel marketing.

We seek to build long-term relationships, and craft best in class digital business development strategies that evolve with your business and external market dynamics.

For more information on how AsOne can help you promote your luxury hotel brand, don’t hesitate to get in touch and one of our marketing experts will talk you through the available options.

Alternatively, you can find us at the North East Expo on May 2nd 2019, at Kingston Park, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.