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LinkedIn Marketing​ – Optimise Marketing Spend by Targeting the Right Customers

linkedin marketing

Social media has transformed the way that businesses market their products and services, but many of the consumer-oriented platforms like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram don’t necessarily apply to a B2B audience.

For professional services firms and other B2B companies, LinkedIn marketing is often a far more effective approach, allowing them to target an audience of qualified leads.

Are you maximising your marketing spend by targeting real decision-makers? Instead, are you wasting resources on a more blanket approach, reaching people who don’t have the authority to buy your services?

linkedin marketing

Advantages of LinkedIn Marketing

As a channel for marketing your business, LinkedIn has several important benefits over other methods, including:

  • Professional, B2B environment – As a primarily business-oriented network, people on LinkedIn tend to be far more receptive to business interaction. It is well established as a place people can connect with past colleagues and clients. 
  • Ability to target individuals – LinkedIn offers a unique opportunity to target individuals by their sector, company and seniority. This enables you to isolate and target the right decision-makers that are empowered to purchase your products or services.
  • Interactive and conversational – Like other social media platforms, LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to join in the conversation with your potential customers. Customers can like, share and comment on the content you post, giving you real-time feedback. You can also respond to customers directly, showing them a more personable side of your business that is impossible via some other channels.
  • Global reach and scale – Marketing your products and services via LinkedIn gives you the potential to reach a global market. Rather than being restricted to your local market, you can reach out to the right contacts across the world. LinkedIn can also be used as a valuable research tool to help you understand which markets might be interested in your products and services.

LinkedIn Marketing by AsOne

At AsOne, we have built up expertise in all the various forms of social media and content marketing, over more than a decade in the business. We understand the nuances and benefits of working with one platform over another and help our clients work out which will have the most impact on their business. Additionally, we have had notable success in paid marketing to authoritative decision-makers in the past, which you can read about here.

We typically view LinkedIn marketing as part of a broader, integrated, digital business development strategy that continues to drive your business forward over the long-term. 

If you’d like to learn more about LinkedIn marketing, or how AsOne can help your business grow, don’t hesitate to get in touch. For companies based in the North East of England, AsOne is proud supporters of the NEBSF funding initiative, which entitles eligible businesses to a grant of up to 40% off their first project.