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Pay-Per-Click benefits with landing pages

PPC benefits when used with landing pages

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In a previous blog we talked about what landing pages are. This blog concerns the importance of relevant, original and engaging landing pages in your pay per click campaigns.

The importance of landing pages for pay per click campaigns is underlined by the fact that better landing pages result in higher conversion rates and a lower cost per click, as Google takes the quality of your landing pages into account when it calculates your Ad Rank. Consistencies across the landing page and your ad suggest to Google that the content of the site is likely to match the search query that triggered your advert, which it determines is more useful to the user than landing pages which are wildly different to the adverts leading there.

Ultimately, this means that Google charges you less to appear above the less useful ads – so investing in your landing pages is definitely worth doing.

Landing pages improve your ad’s quality scores

The reason that you want a high-quality score across each of your Ads is that it reduces your cost per click and improves your Ad Rank. Ads with a high Ad Rank are viewed more often than those with a lower Ad Rank, and have to pay less to appear in the same positions on search engine results pages. The landing page is one of the factors Google takes into account when it determines your Ad Rank.

Landing pages increase conversion rates in pay per click campaigns

Your Ad begins the journey to your website. Therefore, having matching content across both your Ad and Landing page starts the journey off well. Your landing page is responsible for persuading visitors to become customers, so give them what they want and expect to see. If your shop sells all flowers, but a customer has specifically googled ‘roses’, it would make a far better landing page to show them just your rose bouquets – and if the customer is shown this, they are far more likely to convert on your site.

Landing pages simplify and improve the pay per click conversion experience for your customers. By enabling more focused and direct content, you are boosting your quality score and reducing your cost per click. More relevant content leads to reduced bounce rates, and the longer you can keep a user on your site, the more likely they are to convert.

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