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Keep up to date

So you have a website. A very good website that reflects your company well.

You have expressed on your home page the amount of years your company has been standing (because let’s face it, it sounds good, reputable and reads well!)

Over the years your company ticks over and before you know it, it’s been forty years since you were first launched. Congratulations, but your website says, “…for 25 years…” or “…25 years ago, we opened…” or something to that effect.

That’s no good. Where did the last fifteen years go?

As busy business people you’re not always going to remember to edit your site year on year. Introducing a little piece of code that will save you time and automatically make that change for you. Simply replace the numbers in your content with the code.

<?php echo date(“Y”) – 1985 ?>

(where 1985 is the year you started)

Feel free in the knowledge that your website can keep up with the years you tick off.