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In IT Marketing, Your Website IS Your Advert

In some sectors, it can be difficult to convince business owners of the relevance of digital development. A lawyer, for example, does their work in archaic courts, using laws that were written decades ago; the modernity of digital marketing sometimes seems at odds with the tradition and history of their industry. For IT marketing, however, this is not the case.

For IT services, the importance of a strong digital presence is unrivalled amongst your business interests. Whereas most industries use their digital presence to advertise their product, in IT marketing, your digital presence is your advert. Simply, if your digital presence is weak, a potential client will be hesitant to trust you with your other web-based or technological solutions.

For this reason, your website holds a unique position within your IT marketing strategy, and as such it’s crucial to get it right, first time. At AsOne, we’re an experienced, full-service digital agency – so, unlike other agencies, we are skilled both in developing your website and also understanding its role within your wider marketing strategy. Below are just a few tips we have for IT marketing, gathered from the deeper understanding that our position as a full-service agency allows us to have.

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User Experience
A client visits your site, and they imagine themselves as a potential customer interacting with their own company; whether you build websites or not, the fact that you are an IT company means that your website is held to be representative of the service that you provide. Due to this, your website has to be smooth and easy-to-navigate, it has to have the right security certificates, and it has to feature clear calls-to-action so that your client knows where to go next – any confusion at this point and you will not be making a sale to this user. This is the key reason that your website has to be considered as part of your IT marketing mix.

Coherent Branding
Many IT companies’ products are sold on their cross-channel performance – whether it is a chat service which can be installed on many websites or a cloud service that can be accessed from multiple accounts, or something in between, it’s accessibility and convenience is often a selling point. To this end, a potential client is likely to try to access your business from multiple touchpoints, which may include directory listings and your social media channels. Failure to incorporate these channels onto your website, failure to include a clear contact form or section on your site, and failure to make clear that all these channels fall into the same brand, will, in turn, dissuade that client from making a purchase.

Whilst many IT service companies still prefer to do sales over the phone – as many firms offer bespoke and unique solutions to their clients – there is more competition than ever before. In a marketplace with limited search terms, ensuring that your firm appears at the top of searches is crucial. Any IT marketing strategy should include a specific and detailed approach to SEO because, without a dedicated approach, your otherwise strong digital presence will remain undiscovered by your customers.

Ultimately, to convince a client that your tech will work for them, your IT marketing has to prove that your tech works for you. At AsOne, we can ensure that your digital presence inspires the trust and confidence that you need to instil in your clientele. More than a decade of experience and our position as a full-service agency means that we can ensure that your IT marketing sits smoothly within your wider digital business development strategy. 

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