We have installed a blog on Alan Arnison Entertainment’s website

At AsOne, we’re always urging people to blog frequently on their own website as fresh, new, quality content, is a tried and tested strategy to increase your organic search engine ranking.

For example, a few months ago, I did a short advertising test on Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads and Bing Ads to see, from £10, which service gave the best value for money. Within a few days, I ranked on the first page of Google for ‘advertising test’, which was far more than I was expecting. For ‘£10 advertising test”, I reached, and have stayed at number 1.

This shows that writing blog posts works, but it has to be frequent and relevant to your website.

Alan Arnison Entertainment describe their services as:

One of the difficulties of describing our service is actually defining our service. We could be described as events management, events organisers, or even an events consultant. You could say we’re involved in corporate entertainment; that we’re an entertainment agency, or simply that we organise and manage functions, banquets, dinners and any kind of corporate, public or social event.