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Instagram Reels: A Guide For Businesses

Instagram reels are sensational tools to advertise your business. Unlike other forms of advertising, reels can reach a large audience within minutes and allow you to engage with your current following in a creative format.

Social media platforms continue to evolve as they adapt to the changing needs of users. Three years ago, Instagram introduced to its users Instagram reels, allowing users to create videos with music added on top. The Instagram feature became extremely popular and user-friendly, allowing users to be creative with their content in a different format.

The innovative feature has become highly beneficial for businesses to promote their brand. Although Instagram was not the first to introduce a video feature, the platform has designed fast-paced videos to get up to thousands of views. Instagram reels have become a prominent feature on the platform which offers numerous benefits to its users.

Wider audience

Reels are an asset to not only social media marketing strategy but to business growth as well. Instagram Reels provide a way to boost your reach and engagement, almost unlike any other form of advertising, which allows you to connect to a broader audience.

Brand awareness

Instagram reels can now be up to 60 seconds long allowing brands to showcase their personality more effectively. The qualities a business can hold can be forgotten whilst posting static content, however, reels can be more interactive to allow the viewer who you are as a business from personality to services and products. 

How to make viral reels for your business

Making an Instagram reel that becomes viral can be extremely beneficial for your business. Instagram reels have proven to increase post engagement by 67% rather than other video formats Instagram provides.

Although the algorithm for Instagram reels is not predictable, Instagram reels can be seen in four different areas of Instagram, your main feed, explore tab, the reel tab plus shared stories allowing your followers and new viewers to engage with the reel. 

Instagram reels have 140 billion views across Instagram and Facebook every day, it has become a hub of creativity and trends. Following reel trends on Instagram gives users more visibility – we suggest that the trend makes sense to your brand, today users appreciate authentic content that aligns with your business. To boost views use a trending audio which has become popular with other creators using the sound.

Social media can be daunting and time-consuming for some. Here at AsOne, we have experts who specialise in all things social media. Managing and scheduling social media accounts ensures our clients get the best results.

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