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Utilising Instagram As a Marketing Tool


With 1 billion monthly users, Instagram is now the second-most engaged social media platform (after Facebook, it’s parent company). In the last two years, it’s business potential has become apparent and now it simply cannot be ignored. Perhaps you’re new to Instagram or are simply stuck for ideas for interesting posts, but look no further for some hints tips and creative uses of Instagram!



1. This is perhaps the most obvious, nevertheless important use of Instagram for your business – show off your products! A visually enhancing filter placed against a photo of your product could work wonders on the appeal of a product of service. If your business is service orientated, show off some of the work you’ve done, achievements made or equipment used to deliver your everyday services – or try something a bit more spectacular, just like we did – click here to see how a little forward planning can have a real impact.

2. One vital use of Instagram is the hashtag feature! How many times have you typed in or clicked on a hashtag that interests you? This could attract new followers, likes, interactions, potentially driving traffic to your website. However, Instagram tags can appear spammy and desperate when overused – so rather than filling your caption with them, hide them in the first comment, allowing subsequent interactions to push them off the screen.

3. Work in a fast-paced practical/production based environment? Capture the backstage feel, for example in a photoshoot if you’re a photographer or if you’re businesses is preparing for a new exciting project. This will give the viewer a sneak preview of upcoming events, giving the viewer the feel of exclusivity – being the first to know about a new exciting product or service available! It may also be an idea to take advantage of the new video function – utilise the Instagram 15 second micro video function as free advertising space. 

4. Consistency within Instagram posts is as important as keeping the same font and theme on a website. Branding your business Instagram profile could be key to differentiating you from your competitors, resulting in a strong image. This identity could be constructed in any number of ways – from applying the same filters to each photo, crafting a unique feed design, or using your Stories in an interesting fashion. However, make sure that your Instagram profile is in keeping with the branding of your whole business.

5. Competitions and special offers – if your business operates in a competitive market, perhaps use Instagram as the basis of a marketing campaign. Potential customers are willing to participate in competitions on the lookout for discount vouchers or freebies in exchange for likes and follows! Countless brands have used these tactics when looking to grow their channels quickly – exclusive discount codes, such as “INSTA10” are also popular and allow you to see easily how many of your customers use Instagram.

At AsOne, we are experienced in the setup, maintenance and growth of social media profiles, and we’re really passionate about the opportunities that Instagram offers. If you feel that your business would be better off in the hands of experts, don’t hesitate to contact us on 0161 368 9100 or via the Contact page on our website.