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Instagram for Businesses

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Instagram for BusinessesIt’s safe to say that Instagram has became an integral part of most of our lives. We use it to share with our friends what we are up to, whether that be the food we are eating or the outfit that they have carefully selected, in other words the selfie fanatics (who cant resist a selfie?).

When we think of Instagram though we never usually think of businesses, but with millions of people on Instagram and more joining everyday, you’re missing a whole new market for your business if you have not signed up yet! Using Instagram for businesses means your business will be able to communicate with your audience in a more personal and fun way. Many people do not have the time to read chunks of information; by giving your audience a way of seeing what your company is about through imagery you will open yourself up to a whole new range of customers who prefer to visualize the company that they will be doing business with.


Instagram business is a unique way of selling your business. By having a balance of fun pictures mixed with your business you come across to your chosen market as a company that they can relate to in a more personal manner. By mixing up your Instagram post you show that behind the formal business there is a whole new spectrum of personality that can be injected into your imagery. Posts showing you going to functions or socializing at work, lets your customers know that behind the websites are real humans that can just be as fun as anyone else.


Instagram is a easy way to advertise your business through the use of popular hashtags. For example if you are a clothes company you would use the #Fashion as this is a keyword that is regularly searched when looking for clothing. Hashtags should always align with your companies campaign however in order to attract the right customers. So using #Fashion when you are a food brand will bring you visitors but not ones that will stay on your page to find out about you and your company.


Interaction with your followers will be just as important as the images that you post. Following people or groups that are related to your industry will open you to a whole new network of people that may have never seen your company if it was not for you following them. Following back people that choose to follow you show that you like to interact with your consumers and will gather you some loyal followers that will check back on your page to see if you have made any updates.

There is many ways that Instagram and your business can work together to make something that your customers will love to see. This was just a few of the ways that Instagram could help you.

If you want more information on the benefits of Instagram see one of our earlier blogs on social media or find our how we can help you with your social media activity with our digital marketing services. Alternatively contact us, call us on 0161 368 9100 or E-mail us at here@asone.co.uk to talk about how social media can benefit your business.