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Instagram and TikTok are the new search engine

Today, the younger generation is using social media platforms as much more than just photography and video apps, but as search engines. Social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok play a significant role in how users now choose to search, with 40% of young people searching for restaurants through TikTok and Instagram rather than Google Maps or Google Search. 

The younger and newer internet users have gravitated towards mobile social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, highlighting the difference between the younger and older generation’s internet use. Social media offers a personal and creative outlet to inform users of what they are searching for, from videos to images as well as others users opinions instantly, something that search engines are lack. 

Whilst there has been a significant shift in how users search, Google has recently updated and broadened its scope to include more social content. What does this mean? Well, the more traditional SEO which includes keywords will veer into an integrated approach which means the content from social media will now play a larger role in Google’s algorithms.

Here’s what to do to adapt to the new SEO:

  • SEO and social media need to merge strategies together to ensure content is sharing the correct brand voice
  • High-quality content: focus on distributing quality content over quantity. The content needs to resonate with the business’s audience to encourage likes, shares, comments and clicks.
  • Consistency: a regular content across social media platforms to sustain audience engagement
  • Ensure you engage with your audience. Maintaining a presence on your social media helps sustain a relationship with your users.

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