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Industrial Marketing – The Digital Transformation

Industrial Marketing

Industrial marketing has lagged behind other industries in adopting modern digital techniques, however things are starting to shift and companies are realising the benefits that a digital transformation can bring.Industrial Marketing

By embracing things like email marketing, social media, content marketing and SEO, industrial manufacturers have the opportunity to increase their margins, reduce their sales costs and accelerate their business growth.

It also opens the opportunity for new revenue streams like selling direct to consumers.

Digital Industrial Marketing Benefits

A digital industrial marketing strategy comes with several key advantages over more traditional approaches including:

  • Find warm leads – The very nature of digital marketing means that customers who land on your site are already qualified as having an interest in your product or service. You are not reaching out to potential customers, or sending cold emails, instead the traffic is inbound.
  • High precision targeting – Advertising through digital platforms like Facebook, Google or LinkedIn allows you to send highly targeted ads to very niche audiences. This means that you don’t waste time and budget trying to attract people who are unlikely to convert into sales and instead focus on high potential customer segments.
  • Data and analytics – Every digital marketing campaign is underpinned by data and analytics. This means you can track precisely what works and what doesn’t, and evolve your marketing strategy over time to have maximum impact. You can quickly stop the campaigns that don’t work, and duplicate or ramp up campaigns that are most successful.

Reduce sales staff – If you embrace digital marketing, your website will quickly become your number one sales tool, or at least presales agent. The site becomes a place where you can educate customers on your products and guide them through the early stages of the sales cycle. You can also directly answer their questions by including an FAQ page.

Executing your Industrial Marketing Strategy

At AsOne, we partner with our customers over the long-term to help them achieve their business goals. We work with customers on their holistic digital business development strategies, taking into account how new technology can create opportunities and rejuvenate business growth.

Most companies lack the in house knowledge to execute a large scale digital transformation, and we guide these clients to help set a strategic direction and a plan to get there.

If you’d like more information on how we can help you on this journey, or would just like to know how an industrial marketing plan could help boost your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our experts.