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Boosting Online Sales Without Increasing Your Marketing Budget

Uncertainty and risk are part and parcel of running a business and sales can fluctuate wildly from month to month. When things are going well, you can afford to invest more money in digital marketing and increase online sales even further, to keep the momentum going. But things are a lot trickier when times are tough and online sales are lagging behind.

You need to increase online sales to kickstart your business, but you cannot afford to increase your marketing spend without stretching your finances. You’re stuck between a rock and a hard place, so what are you supposed to do? 

The good news is, you do not necessarily need to spend more money in order to improve your ROI from marketing campaigns. In many cases, you need to rethink your strategy and find ways to cut costs, so you can make your marketing budget go further and increase online sales without increasing your overall marketing spend.

increase online sales

Unfortunately, this is difficult for many businesses because the digital marketing agencies that they are working with are not incentivised to save them money. Many digital marketing agencies charge their clients using a commission-based system, so the agency receives a percentage of a client’s overall ad spend. If you spend less money on marketing, your digital marketing agency will lose money, and that causes a major problem.

Although these agencies are incentivised to help you increase online sales, they are actually disincentivised to help you save money. That’s why it’s so difficult to increase online sales without increasing your overall marketing spend if your business is working with a digital marketing agency that charges based on commission.

However, there is an alternative to commission-based digital marketing. Here at AsOne, we charge all of our clients a fixed management fee for the services that we offer you. If your overall marketing spend changes, that doesn’t affect our fee in the same way that it would if we were taking a commission. As such, we have every incentive to help your business save money wherever you can, so you can still increase online sales and manage your budget effectively at the same time. 

Our model also makes it a lot easier for you to manage your finances because you have predictable monthly payments. With a commission-based system, your costs can fluctuate quite significantly, and as all business owners know, an unexpectedly high bill can make things very tricky for you. 

You may think that it’s impossible to increase online sales without spending more money on marketing but that isn’t the case. When you work with AsOne, you don’t have to worry about any conflict of interest due to commission-based pricing, so we will always be looking for ways to save you money.

Get in touch today so we can discuss your digital marketing needs and start looking at ways to improve your strategy. 

increase online sales