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Introduction to Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing

In its simplest form, Inbound Marketing is about bring customers to you rather than using your marketing efforts to grab their attention and retain them. By generating content that is in alignment with the interest of your target market you naturally attract traffic that is easier to convert.

Inbound Marketing is about creating content that will engage and delight potential leads into action. This is strategically designed with the interests of your target market in mind ensuring you have a captivated audience at all times. Within this blog post we will outline some of the key factors to consider and the benefits of Inbound Marketing.

Benefits of Inbound Marketing

The benefits of Inbound Marketing are numerous and can provide you with a way to drive your business forward in a targeted way. Firstly, the most important benefit is that you are offering your potential customer base with value. Value will ensure that your customer base in engaged and will interact with your content. Allowing clients to come to you with targeted content is a commercially strategic marketing position which will allow you to convert them more easily. Below we will examine the most prolific benefits and how they can add value to your business.

Commercial Development

Commercial development is something that can happen over time naturally however for any business to grow and become successful they must be commercially aware. Inbound Marketing is about knowing what is most commercially appropriate for your brand and how you will achieve what you want to achieve. Inbound Marketing creates content that is of value to your target market which means there has to be a level of self exploration and reflection for this to be successful. Being aware of your commercial standing is understanding what your clients require. When working with AsOne, we aim to understand your business, only by doing so can we create a commercial successful inbound marketing campaign.

Lead Generation

Lead generation has always been a hot topic of the business world. The way in which we navigate the area of lead generation has changed since the rise of the digital arena. Inbound marketing with engaging and valuable content offers you the opportunity to drive a strategic lead generation strategy to an already engaged audience. Lead generation offers an opportunity to increase revenue, grow business and provide a sustainable business model. With the aid of inbound marketing you can segment your targeting to engage with the right client at the right time. A successful inbound campaign with lead generation at its heart must be commercially feasible. Here at AsOne, we understand business and all inbound marketing campaigns will have a dedicated account manager who understands your business position.

Grow a Database.

Inbound marketing offers you a way to grow a database quickly if utilised properly. A prospective client will only give you their information if the content you have created does have value. With the use of different inbound marketing campaigns we can segment each database into groups and target clients more effectively based on their interests. Inbound marketing offers you a unique insight into what motivates a client into action and what this information provides is a way to isolate the best way to deliver your message. Growing a database of targeted clients who will use your products and services will offer you a regular revenue stream.

Here at AsOne, we specialise in Inbound Marketing campaigns and can offer you a full solution to meet your needs. The use of our eShot system with automation we can create a commercially savvy and targeted campaign. Call us today with your requirements 0161 368 9100