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How To Get More Customers After Lockdown

Whether your open date is March, April, May or June, it’s going to be a real shouting match for market share – with every business in your industry clamouring for the waves of customers itching to get back to normal. With this in mind, your marketing strategies are going to have to be spot on from the first minute – and understanding how to get more customers should be at the centre of those plans. Luckily, digital marketing makes it easier to find, understand and attract new customers, as well as being able to see what’s working and what’s not in real-time.

If you thought that a return to normality would mean less time spent in the digital world we have a feeling you’re sorely mistaken. Whilst getting outside might mean less time on Netflix, it will almost certainly mean more time with our mobile phones – aside from the co-ordinating of meeting people for the first time in months, contactless systems in place in businesses across industries are almost universally tech-based, with orders and payments in a host of businesses now taken via apps and QR codes. So, if your customers are going to be glued to their phones, it makes sense to advertise where they’re looking – and unlocking this is the key to understanding how to get more customers after lockdown.

how to get more customers

Digital marketing has a number of advantages over other forms of marketing when it comes to the question of how to get more customers. Any growth requires experimentation, and one of the benefits of digital marketing is the fact that you can instantly see whether your advertising is effectively reaching and engaging your target audience. From number of clicks to number of followers, you can quickly see whether what you’re doing is working.

Getting more customers often means branching into new audiences, and finding them on digital is far easier than finding them by other forms. Demographic or interest targeting means that you can identify your next customer based either on a new market you want to reach or to capitalise on interest you’ve seen in your bricks-and-mortar locations. The flexibility of digital marketing means that you can weave your advertising around your business goals and targets – no matter how regularly they change. This agility is at the core of how to get more customers after lockdown, because the people interested in your business may have changed and it’s crucial you are able to react quickly to new data.

Our strategies have been bringing more customers to businesses for two decades. From restaurants to credit unions, and healthcare to engineering, we have been helping businesses to grow in all sectors and industries, and we know how to reach demographics and interest groups that you need to penetrate. 

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