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How To Really Stand Out On Google

The face of the internet has changed dramatically in the last decade, and this is true for even those things we think are constant – indeed, because we use them every day, we might not even notice the changes implemented one by one. Sites like Facebook are constantly tweaking the way your home page looks, for example. One of the biggest changes has been on Google, whose results pages now are almost entirely different to how they looked 10 years ago – meaning that SEO executives now need to learn techniques, such as how to get images into snippets, that didn’t even exist for their predecessors.

Any SEO executive worth their salt knows that Google’s face has changed. Gone are the days of line-by-line text entries, and now you might have to compete with any number of image ads, text ads, locations, position zero boxes, featured questions and video entries before any plain text entries are even considered. The goal of SEO strategies should be to penetrate these elements, ensuring stand out positions on SERPs.

how to get images into snippets
As you can see on this Google Search, organic results compete with & below image ads, text ads, and a location card.

On mobile devices – which are responsible for a rising majority of searches – images can appear in snippets, along with meta descriptions and the SEO title. This is because truncated meta descriptions may not give as much information as a picture could, allowing the user to make the best decision.

Penetrating these elements of SERPs involves setting up your blog posts not only in the text they contain but also in the content that they present, and ensuring it is readable & understood by both humans and crawlbots is of paramount importance. It is understanding this setup that lets you understand how to get images into snippets.

Getting images into snippets is not an exact science, but there are things you can do to make it more likely that an image will be dragged by Google – which, in turn, dramatically increases your organic CTR.

Using featured images is a great way to tell Google’s crawlbots which image is more important than the rest – and discerning this is critical for Google to display an image in snippets.

Failing that, using some kind of schema markup can also tell Google which image is most important & relevant to the topic covered on-page. This can be done manually or via a plugin, such as the “Create How To” plugin (if your blog is a “How To” blog or can be framed as one).

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how to get images into snippets