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Reviewing Your Listening Strategy

Your business social media pages are not adverts. Your posts are not static – they are not like print or radio advertisements, where it takes months to find out whether your message was well received. On social media, it’s as easy for your fans to respond as it is for you to put out a message in the first place. Indeed, your replies are just as important as your original post in shaping your brand’s tone and voice. In this article, we’ll look at interacting with your customers and how to deal with reviews from them.

how to deal with reviews

Use Your Reviews

For the vast majority of businesses, the most common interaction you’ll have with your customers are reviews. Beyond dedicated reviewing sites like TripAdvisor, social media is the online hub for opinions and reviews, and as such, any listening strategy that you have in place needs to account for comments and questions you receive on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages.

There are few marketing tools more powerful than recommendations and positive experience – some studies have shown that up to 80% of consumers online think that reviews are one of the most important stops on their journey to purchase. When you get positive reviews, it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate them – not only will you cement that experience in the person’s mind and enhance their loyalty to your brand, but by replying to their review or comment, it will push those positive comments to more people’s news feeds

Be There To Help

It’s easy to interact with the good stuff – responding to negative reviews and comments is a much finer line to tread. Of course, these experiences don’t have to reflect badly on your business, and in lots of cases, your reaction to a negative review can actually inspire confidence in other customers.

By responding courteously and helpfully, you show that your business can deal with any problems that arise. Indeed, people don’t expect every review to be perfect, and you actually see a better impact from your reviews if some are of negative experiences, which give authenticity to the positive ones. Asking a customer to send you more information in private messages is a great way to show people that you’re dealing with the problem without having all the details aired in public.

We hope this blog has helped you learn how to deal with reviews from customers on social media. If you need bespoke advice for your listening strategy, talk to the experts at AsOne today.