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8 Sure-Fire Ways to Convert More Customers

High traffic, low conversion rates? It’s a problem that thousands of businesses face, and you’ll be forgiven for scratching your head, wondering how to convert more customers.

In 20 years of business, it’s a complaint that hundreds of businesses have come to us with – and we’ve been able to help all of them. Here, our expert team gives you an insight into 8 sure-fire ways to convert more customers – which could boost the revenues from your reopening business or services in Q2 2021, and maximise your post-COVID recovery.

  1. Make Your First Step Child’s Play
  2. Pop Up!
  3. Add Testimonials
  4. Take Away Distractions
  5. Yes, please
  6. Increase Your Conversion Value
  7. Eradicate Forms
  8. Try Other Offers!
how to convert more customers

Make Your First Step Child’s Play

It’s human nature to want to finish something that you start. Your first form could always be one field (an email address), your first click could always go to checkout (and complete all other details there). Making this first step super easy to complete will create a definite “start point”, and help to push your customers all the way along the conversion journey

Pop Up!

While some people think it’s annoying, the numbers don’t lie. According to a huge study by Sumo the average pop up carries a conversion rate of 3.09% – as with everything else in marketing, we know that what people say and how people behave are often completely different.
The top 10% of pop ups even manage to achieve a 9.28% conversion rate – what kind of impact would this have on your site?

Add Testimonials

Positive reviews of your services and products help to reduce the amount of risk that a customer feels at the point of purchase, and reassures them of the quality of your work. Some studies have suggested that more than 7 out of 10 consumers trust a business more after having read positive reviews – positioning these reviews at the point of purchase could give you a significant uplift in conversion rates.

Take Away Distractions

There’s a fine line in digital content between catching the eye to begin with and quickly removing distractions. On your conversion page, you need to be attracting eyes only towards your conversion actions – whether they be checkout buttons, or email sign-ups, or contact form completions.

Yes, Please!

“Checkout Now” or “Sign Up” are generic CTAs that can detract from getting your key buttons to stand out. Inject some excitement into your CTA copy and draw more eyes to your top priorities. Some studies have shown that structuring your CTA text in such a way that It begins “Yes,…” and uses the first-person voice – for example, “Yes, Sign Me Up!” – increases conversion rates significantly.

Increase Your Conversion Value

Whilst this doesn’t technically mean you will convert more customers, adding point-of-sale purchases can make each conversion worth more, which is another route to raising more revenue. In the same way that brick-and-mortar locations position items along the checkout queues, you can position small upsell purchases along your conversion journey. Offering bundles can also increase the value of conversions, as customers are more likely to buy more items in one click than they are to purchase the same number of items individually.

Eradicate Forms

Could you reduce the number of forms your customer has to fill out? There are shortcuts around a number of data entry systems. Instead of asking customers to create a dedicated account on your site, could they sign up with their Google or Facebook accounts, cutting out a signup form? Could a contact form be streamlined, with segmented forms on relevant areas of your website? Its likely that not all your customers need exactly the same thing and you can make judgments about the kind of customers that frequent different pages on your site.

Try Other Offers!

Don’t be disheartened if the first change you make doesn’t see the uplift in conversion rates that you were expecting. Every marketplace and every customer reacts differently to different ideas and offers, and it may take a little experimentation and testing to find the ones that work for your business.

For some bespoke advice for your business, and for help with implementing any strategic or developmental changes you want to make, talk to the experts at AsOne today.