Higgins Miller have upgraded!

Higgins Miller have been a loyal customer of ours since the company first started. We have worked with them over the past four years to bring them up relevant information to help them to reach a wider audience and become better known. With technology and designs changing and Higgins Miller wanting to stay on top of this, we have just created a new website for them. Having your website be mobile responsive was important for Higgins Miller as they wanted to reach people on the move on varying devices.

Higgins Miller provided us with all new content for new website. This allows them stay up to date with changes that have occurred over the past few years within the company. Providing your audience with current information is important to be able to stay on top of changes within your industry.

Higgins Miller have been on Innovation Club for a few years now and receive monthly reports, including advice on how to reach a wider audience and establish themselves further. Higgins Miller are also on the PPC (pay per click) add on and also the SEO (search engine optimisation) add on. Through these add on packages we work to enhancing the SEO of their website and also reaching a wider audience.

Take a look at Higgins Millers new website and see the services that they offer.