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Helpful Google Plus Features for businesses

Google Apps

You learned from our previous blog what Google Plus is! But now we’re going to tell you about some of the Google Plus features that makes it one of the most useful social networking sites for businesses.

Google+ shared directory database/circles

The Google+ directory is a list of all the Google+ circles categorised by their industry. With one click you can add a shared circle to your personal Google+ circles and have a lively stream of relevant posts and conversation to engage with. Your business page cannot circle someone until they circle you. So it is important to build relationships and introduce your business page where appropriate.

Circles allow you to share content selectively, you can choose who will see the content you post by sharing it with specific circles. You can create circles to organise the people that you know. For example you could have circles for: customers, competitors, work colleagues etc. Once you have done this you can choose a selected circle to see what you are posting. For example if it is a work celebration, you can select for only people in your ‘work’ circle to see this post.


Google+ ‘Hangouts’ is a video chat service that allows you to give your audience hours and hours of unique content through live streaming. Hangouts give you the chance to boost your online authority by showing off what you know about your industry to a wide range of people who will tune in!

You can have nine friends plus you the host, if you exceed this you can take advantage of hangouts on air. This is done through integration with YouTube; this can then be mass broadcast live from YouTube or any platform that copies the embedded code.

How to start a Google hangout

  1. Open Hangouts in Google+ in the top right hand corner click the hangout icon (this is the speech bubble with quotation marks inside)
  2. Search or select the people that you wish to start a hangout with.
  3. Choose the type of hangout you wish to start: text conversation, video call, phone call, text message.

So now you know some of the features of Google+ why don’t you create your account and get involved!

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