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On Time & On Budget, Yet Again

Not only did we deliver on all the technical requirements of the build, but of equal importance, we delivered the project on time and to budget, managing and guiding the internal team through the process and technical elements from beginning to end, and offering our continued support to maintain the site.

With the launch of the new Kingston Hospital Foundation Trust website, we have been able to help the NHS and the patients who use it every day. We are particularly proud that our technical expertise and industry knowledge has meant that we are able to make the site as secure as possible, and we are working towards CE+ certification. As such, the new healthcare website has its own dedicated server, as well as active threat detection technologies and additional web firewalls, further protecting the hospital and patient data.

The Kingston Hospital Maternity wards were previously managed on a separate healthcare website. Not only did this increase hosting and maintenance costs, it also added unnecessary workload onto the administrative staff. In our development, the Kingston Maternity site functions as a microsite within the larger Kingston Hospital site. By merging the two onto one CMS, we have been able to save the NHS money and staff time in managing the content. We have also made it easier for patients to find where they need to be without having to navigate to a completely separate site. To ensure the best possible user journey, many of the forms use complex conditional logic in the background in order to provide the simplest possible user experience.

healthcare website

Throughout the whole site, we make it easy for the internal comms team to reflect the current focus of the hospital’s needs quickly and react within moments. Our commitment to reflect the in-hospital activities led us to using our digital expertise to ensure that the hospital could keep providing it’s advice to patients during the COVID-19 epidemic. We were able to build in functions to the healthcare website that allowed for video consultations to adapt to the social situation. Additionally, in response to the changing situation of the pandemic we built a dedicated COVID swab application procedure for the healthcare staff, as well as ensuring that the site is flexible enough that internal comms teams can react quickly to changing situations. The content is malleable and visitor focus is able to be shifted regularly and quickly, according to daily demand and requirements.

healthcare website

Huge thanks to Sam, Joel and the AsOne team for all their hard work on our recent website development. With their positive, can-do attitude, no problem was too big for them, always finding a timely and effective solution for us.

They helped us with migrating from an old Umbraco system to a modern WordPress solution. Providing our team with all the training required for making regular updates to the content of our website. We couldn’t have done it without them.

Holly Goodyear-Farhan, Kingston Hospital Communications

If you are currently considering a new or updated healthcare website, NHS or Hospital website make sure you talk to our experts who have a proven track record of delivering on time and on budget when it matters most [call]