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Guide Bridge MOT Blogging Success!

Some people struggle with blogging as they never know what to talk about or how to reach their audience through the blog post. But that is not the case for Guide Bridge MOT anymore! As an Innovation Club member since 2013 Guide Bridge have always wanted to know how they can improve and reach a wider audience and the success is being noticed! As active members of Innovation Club, Guide Bridge MOT are never a company that shy a way from the challenge, if they are struggling with something or want to expand their knowledge further they will attend our seminars and speak to us directly. This makes it easier for us to be able to help them and provide them with a realistic way of achieving their goal.

The visits to Guide Bridge MOT’s website make it very clear how effective blogging has been for them over the past six months.

Visits to the Guide Bridge MOT website and to a blog post in September.

Guide Bridge MOT Blogging Success

Guide Bridge MOT Blogging Success

Visits to the Guide Bridge MOT website and to a blog post in February.

Guide Bridge MOT Blogging Success

Guide Bridge MOT Blogging Success

When comparing these statistics it is clear to see that blogging has been a very effective method for Guide Bridge MOT within the last six months and they improve each month.

We asked Guide Bridge MOT’s manager Jan Lord how she has found Blogging and the success of it.

When we set off on our digital journey I didn’t know that much about social media, the importance of website and blogging however with the help, guidance and support of the team at AsOne I’ve been able to build a good working knowledge of how it all works.

I’ve been blogging now for over 12months putting regular updates and news on our website and it wasn’t until our website visits increased over a few months that I realised a blog page from August last year is now resulting in over 8K visits to our website regularly each month.  The power of blogging has really taken off and I would recommend that anyone who doesn’t blog starts right now!

Guide Bridge MOT Blogging SuccessThe frequent Innovation Club workshops are there to help anyone understand how to move forward with the digital world that we now find ourselves in and AsOne are always one step ahead of the game and this knowledge is then passed down to the members to use and move forward.

Jan and the Guide Bridge team at the Pride of Tameside awards last year.

We have enjoyed seeing this success occur over the last six months and we look forward to what the future holds for Guide Bridge MOT. Take a look at Guide Bridge MOT’s blog and let us know what you think. If you would like to know more about Innovation Club and how it can be beneficial to your company then please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 0161 368 9100 or by emailing here@asone.co.uk