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Google search ads keep advancing

Google Apps

Google search ads are changing again! As of today Google will be changing the way that certain apps on Android are displayed within their Google search app.

What will be changing on Google search ads?

With the new Google search ads update it will allow you to trial run certain apps from the Google search app.

The update allows you to use the app for 10 minutes without committing to buying or downloading the app, by streaming the app in real time to your device. Earlier in the year Google introduced the feature of being able to see apps in your organic search results. They found that even with this, that one in four apps were never used again after being downloaded. They hope that the introduction of the ‘try now’ button will give people teasers of the app and allow them to make a judgement of whether they like it or not before clicking download or purchase. This will then ultimately lead to more people staying engaged with the app once they have installed it.

In order to see the Google search ads update you must be running Android L or greater. You must also be on WIFI when you complete your search in the Google search app. Unfortunately IOS users will not be able to see this update. It is unsure whether this is something that they will be introducing to IOS users in the future.

Below you can see how the new Google search ads will look like in your search results.

Google search ads
Source: http://searchengineland.com/figz/wp-content/seloads/2016/02/wordsearch-google-app-stream-try-now.png

How much will it cost?

Until they give us more information we are not sure what will be the cost to run the ad. However for those looking to get their app noticed through multiple channels this looks like a great way to entice your audience to buy or download your app and keep them engaged with it.

With Google search ads constantly on the change we look forward to the further announcements.

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