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Improving ROI on Google Search

If you want to increase your return on investment from Google paid advertising, you may want to consider working with an agency. The right agency will help you to manage your keyword strategy and improve the results from your paid ads. However, choosing the right agency to work with is so important when it comes to strategy, implementation and budget. 

Businesses often find that the agency they are working with does not offer value for money and their Google paid advertising is taking up a large proportion of their marketing budget. This may be because their strategy is poor and you are not getting enough qualified leads on your site. However, poor return on investment may also be down to the payment structure that they offer. 

The majority of agencies pay themselves via commission, based on a percentage of your overall spend on Google paid advertising. This is not necessarily an issue if you are running a small campaign with a low budget because your overall spend will not be very high, so the commission that they charge will be relatively manageable – although you may find that high minimum fees apply which may even exceed your budgetary spend. 

However, bigger companies that invest a lot more in their Google paid advertising campaigns may be losing out. Even if you see an increase in website traffic and conversions, this is offset by the big bill that you get from the agency. It also means that the agency benefits if you spend more money on your paid ad campaigns, so they have no incentive to save you money. As a result, these agencies may focus more on the quantity of keywords, rather than quality because this will earn them more commission. 

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There are, however, alternatives to the commission-based model that could save you a lot of money on Google paid advertising. Instead of charging you a commission based on a percentage of your overall marketing campaign, we will charge a flat rate based on the services that we provide. All businesses can benefit from this and save money, especially those that are running a large paid ads campaign. 

Our fee will be the same even if your overall spend changes, which means that we do not lose out if you save money, and we will actively find ways to help you do that. When we are running your Google paid advertising campaign, we will focus on improving the quality of keywords and creating a strategy that drives more qualified leads to your website. With our zero commission model, customers tend to find that they get a much better return on their investment. 

If your business is looking for an agency to handle Google paid advertising campaigns or you are already working with an agency but you are not happy with the service that you are getting and the fees that the agency charges, you may want to consider switching. Our zero commission model is one of the most effective ways to cut your marketing spend without making any compromises. 

Get in touch today and speak to our team to learn more about the services that we offer and our beneficial zero commission pricing structure.

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