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September seminar: How to make Google a successful marketing tool

Social Networking and Planning

Do you have a Google account but unsure as to how it could be used to benefit your business?

When we think of Google sometimes we only think of Google+ or Google search. But did you know there is a whole range of features on Google that your company could be missing out on?

Google is great in getting to create a successful marketing strategy for your company with the majority of it’s active users using it to promote themselves and their company. Google has many platforms that you can market your company on. It features Google+, Google Local and YouTube. Come along to our seminar to find out how to use these effectively for your business.

To allow you to get the most from Google for your business we are holding a seminar on Wednesday 30th September at 2pm.

The seminar will be focused around the following –

  • What is Google+ and why is it beneficial
  • Build influences, engagement and relationships
  • Google+ Features
  • What is Google Local and why is it beneficial
  • How to set up Google Local
  • Why YouTube is beneficial
  • Connecting your YouTube to Google

To book your place on the seminar please call Lauren on 0161 368 9100 or drop her an email at lauren@asone.co.uk