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Lauren Jones has passed her Google AdWords exam!

Google AdWords certificate

Congratulations to Lauren Jones who has passed her Google AdWords exams and gained her Google AdWords certificate!

AdWords is a Google advertising service for businesses who wish to display ads on Google. AdWords allows businesses to set a budget for advertising. Businesses however only pay when their ads are clicked on hence the term Pay Per Click (PPC).

Lauren had to take the Google AdWords Fundamental exam as part of her certificate. Lauren then chose to take the search advertising exam too! Lauren passed her exams with hard work and dedication from studying in her spare hours. Now all her hard work has led to being a certified AdWords professional!

The Google AdWords is an professional accreditation that Google offers who show the knowledge in basic and advanced AdWords. Once they have passed their exam Google recognises them as online advertising specialists. Her test included the following aspects – Value proposition of online advertising, campaign setup and management, measurement and optimisation

There are several benefits that Lauren has earned from passing her exams –

  • Lauren will be able to show current and prospective clients that she is now a certified online advertising professional with a personalised certificate.
  • Helping earn AsOne the Google Partner badge!

LJ - Adwords Certification

So congratulation to Lauren! We’re proud to have you as apart of the AsOne family!

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