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Ads: Google vs Bing (Pay Per Click)

Google Ads vs Bing Ads PPC

I wondered one day, how much market share does Google have. So I did a quick search and found out that it was around 90% of the search engine market with Bing coming in second.

Then I thought, well considering that Google Ads are quite expensive, surely Bing’s would be around 90% cheaper, so I did a test!

Naturally you would think that Google would be the best, because they have over 90% share of the search engine market. But does that mean they will bring you more visits than Bing?

Google Ads vs Bing Ads

I placed £10 into my Google AdWords account, which brought me:

  • 39 visits
  • 3153 impressions

I placed £10 into my Bing Ads account, which brought me:

  • 110 visits
  • 5943 impressions

Both campaigns had the exact same keywords, identical negative keywords and the same maximum cost per click. I conclude from this quick bit of research that Bing is better, worth more and should certainly not be overlooked.

A few questions about the ads which may arise from this:

  • Will Bing’s results convert to sales? You could ask this exact question about Google. I’ve done my own research on this and the website received 3 sales this day, all from Bing.
  • Google surely can reach more people? It definitely can, but that doesn’t mean they will end up on your website. If you’re hitting around 8th result on pay per click on Google, but 2nd on Bing for the same price, without any doubt, you’ll reach more people with Bing.
  • Why isn’t Bing more popular? Google is Google – Not much more needs to be said apart from Bing being a younger project.

Needless to say, I’ll be putting more money into Bing from now on.

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