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Google+ accounts are a necessity for a business

Search results logged into Google+

I’m constantly banging on to our clients that they should have a Google+ account for their business, but not many pay much attention to it as they don’t believe it’s that good.

They are quite possibly correct, as not many individuals actually use it as a social network compared to Facebook and Twitter. However, here’s a few bits of information that will definitely change your mind.

Whilst logged into Google+, I searched for Google Ads‘, ‘Bing Ads‘, ‘Google vs Bing‘, ‘Advertising Test and just simply Google.

It’s a miracle! I am ranking ridiculously high for these search terms, as are AsOne. Although, not our websites, these are our Google+ accounts, on which we have linked to our websites. Yes it’s an extra click for the customer, but it’s a chance to get on your website that they may have missed if you didn’t have a Google+ account.

I rank 3rd for ‘GOOGLE’

The next common question is, “But surely only people who follow me will see my Google+ posts in a Google search?” True, this is where your other social accounts come into play. Use Facebook and Twitter to get people to follow you on Google+, use your website and your blog to promote your new social account.

It won’t just happen overnight, you’re going to have to put some work into it, but apparently, due to the way Google+ circles work, you will also rank for ‘friends of friends’ or people in circles in your followers.

Just a little end note: My blog post about the £10 advertising test ranks on the first page for ‘advertising test’, without being logged into Google+!

Your new to do list:

  • Set up a Google+ account for yourself
  • Set up a Google+ account for your business
  • Fill out both sets of information including cover photos etc (don’t leave it blank)
  • Set up Google authorship on your blogs and make sure it works
  • Blog more often
  • Include your keywords, but make the blog interesting or nobody will read it
  • Contact us if you would like us to do all of this for you

See the results below in picture format:

Search results logged into Google+ Search results logged into Google+ Search results logged into Google+ Search results logged into Google+ Search results logged into Google+ Search results logged into Google+