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good website design

Today it almost goes without saying that good website design is no longer a nice-to-have, but a must-have for successful businesses. We’re well beyond the era where simply having a website was enough, and with customer expectations higher than ever, your website must be of an equally high standard.

Poor web design can have a very real and direct impact on your business. It reduces the trust customers place in you, it can lead to confusion over where to find things, and ultimately it leads to a drop in conversions and loss of sales.

While the site must, of course, be fully functioning, in many instances look and feel is equally if not more important.good website design

Good Website Design Benefits

While people may choose to spend their time and energy on other things, focusing on design elements can actually have a number of very practical benefits:

  • Increases trust and conversions – A better-looking site, with a modern appearance, makes customers more trusting of your brand and products, which makes them far more likely to purchase from you online or to follow up with you offline.
  • Easier to navigate, better customer satisfaction – Good design simplifies navigation, meaning that customers can find what they want quicker and are more satisfied with their experience. This makes them more likely to come back to your site and more likely to share it with other people.
  • Improves SEO and search position – While it might not be a direct factor in the search algorithms, website design plays an important role. For example, page load times, mobile usability and time on page are all factors that are greatly influenced by the site design and also play a crucial role in search result positions.
  • More secure – Good web design can also extend to the back end of the site. Properly thought-out and designed sites can include additional security measures that make sites more secure and better protected.
  • Reflects your brand image – Spending time on your website design gives you real opportunity to think about how you want your business to be perceived. As opposed to using standard off-the-shelf designs, high quality, bespoke web design can set you apart from your competitors and demonstrate what you stand for as a company.

Good Website Design – AsOne Style

At AsOne we’ve been helping companies leverage the power and scale of the internet for well over a decade. We’ve seen various web design trends come and go, and know what it takes to be successful online.

For more information on how good website design can help your business grow or guidance on how to get started with your first web project, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to our expert design team.

For businesses based in the North East, AsOne is proudly part of the NEBSF funding scheme, so qualifying companies could receive a grant of up to 40% of their first order.

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