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AsOne have fun for Easter!

Fun office activities

At AsOne we enjoy getting involved with seasonal holidays by doing some fun office activities that help to wake our office up early in the morning! This weeks activities brought out the creative side of our team. We took our team members back to school with some creative Easter activities!

Our first activity which we took part in was creating an Easter inspired design using the available decoration tools. All of this had to be done in under 5 minutes, so the pressure was on to create something spectacular!

We were impressed with our team’s  imagination even if the finishing product was very questionable!

Our winners were Sherridan Rhodes and Richard O’Brien! They won an Easter egg for their efforts!

Fun office activities

Our second activity of the week was an egg decorating contest just like the ones that used to be held in school. The task was simple, we had 5 minutes to decorate an egg and whoever was chosen as the best won!

It was up to director Tracey Rush to decide the winner. This is what she had to say about each egg –

Richard’s Egg Basket – ‘The chicks with the basket are very cute and represent a true traditional easter image.’

Lauren’s Mr Bump – ‘I love Mr. bump, it’s very obvious who he was even without the nameplate.’

Sam’s Mr. Googly Eyes – ‘Mr googly eyes are charming but his nose and mouth could have had more work.’

Joel’s Ninja Egg – ‘Same goes for the black ninja, his eyes were the focal point so could have been more emotive.’

Alex’s Spiderman – ‘Spiderman was really well done too but if I have to be critical I have to say the eye smudge let him down a little.’

Sherridan’s Tree Eared Creature – ‘But my winner is The little green eared creature because it’s got a real docile expression that is almost cute and it’s nothing I can relate it to. It’s completely out of someone’s imagination and yet so simply put together.’

So there you have it Sherridan’s green eared creature won!

It was great to get our team into the Easter spirit with these simple but fun office activities.

Fun office activities

Keep a lookout on our Twitter and Instagram for more fun office activities that you can do with your team at work.

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We will be closed over the Easter holidays 14th – 17th of April. If in this time you require support please log a support ticket on www.asone.co.uk/support/.

We hope you all have a great Easter!