Flappy Bird? No, Splashy Bird

Did you get into the 28-day long, infuriating, addicting craze that was Flappy Bird?

Have you heard all of the media hype around it? Well, the creator, Dong Ngyuen created the game, then deleted the app forever because it was too addictive. People have been bidding thousands for iPhones on eBay with Flappy Bird still installed. Why? It’s just a game taken from an old, free online game called iCopter which we used to play in school.

Why is Flappy Bird so addictive?

I don’t know. Maybe because it was so hard. Perhaps the difficulty fuelled the addiction?

Whatever the reason was, a lot of people were talking about it and still are, on the news, on Facebook and on Twitter.

The bandwagon

Have you looked at the top 100 on your App Store recently? This is how mine looks:

How many different people are jumping on the bandwagon? In fact, why are people downloading the same game with different characters.

  • Splashy Fish
  • Fly Birdie – Flappy Bird Flyer
  • Ironpants
  • Flappy Bee
  • Fluffy vs Flappy Birds
  • Flappy Plane
  • City Bird – Flappy Flyer
  • Copter Classic

That’s 8 very similar games in the top 17.

Splashy Bird

Don’t worry…¬†AsOne have created Splashy Bird!

It’s free, nothing but annoying, addictive “fun”.

Help the splashy bird (Penguin) fly and swim over tall but thin icebergs and dodge hovering, giant icicles in the sky.

Splashy Bird is now available from Google Play and will be available from the Apple App Store soon.

Download it and tell us your high score!

12 Hours later after uploading…

It has kicked off! The AsOne website has been inundated with visits, receiving 406 between 10pm and 12am, then having over 900 hits before 10am today!

We have had 37 reviews, (mostly bad) and 36 +1’s.

UPDATE: 120 Reviews (roughly half 5* and half 1*) and 101 +1’s

Hints & Tips

  • Don’t hit the ice
  • Tap the screen at the right time
  • Use your finger to tap, not your elbow
  • Don’t tap penguins at the zoo