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Facebook Safety Check activated after attacks

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Facebook Safety Check
Facebook Safety Check reactivated.

After the devastating events that took place in Brussels, Facebook activated again their Facebook safety check.The Facebook safety check feature activated immediately after the bomb explosions that rocked the Belgian capital and the lives of those affected by the attack.

The Facebook safety check allows people who are in the affected area to alert their friends and family that they are safe. The feature automatically sends a status for family and friends to see and check on. Facebook users are able to check on friends and family who are within the vicinity of the terrorist attacks.

When was the Facebook safety check created?

The Facebook safety check was first thought of after the 2011 earthquake and Tsunami in Japan which affected a staggering 12.5 million people nationwide. During the crises many people turned to social media to alert family and friends of their safety. This then gave Facebook the idea to give people a place where they could alert family and friends of their safety.

This feature was then first used after the devastating earthquake in Nepal last April. It was then used again in the Paris attacks that took place in November.

This Facebook feature is one of the many ways that Facebook shows it’s versatility, giving us all one place to come to for events like those that have just taken place. It also reflects how it has become an integrated system within our lives.

If we want to find out information about someone we now turn to Facebook for information that usually we would not know unless we had personal contact with the person.

Facebook has revolutionised the way we communicate with each other and is always looking at new ways it can become an ever more permanent part of our lives.

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