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A Guide to Facebook Remarketing

Facebook Remarketing

With 700 million Facebook views per day and 22 billion ad clicks a year, Facebook Remarketing has the potential to revolutionise your marketing strategy. This method allows you to understand your audience better by targeting brand new customers who are seeking your product or service in real time, and specifically, consumers who have previously visited your website or app.

Facebook Remarketing advantageously enables you to customise your audience and drive relevant traffic towards your website, which is the biggest benefit of this strategy. By monitoring your traffic, you have the freedom to decide who views your Facebook Remarketing based on particular web pages and categories that they have recently visited on your site. Alternatively, you can use a contact list you have obtained, directing your ad at specific contacts using their email address for example.

Consumers are hesitant to commit to purchasing a product or service right away, as it is incredibly effortless to compare the price with other competitors beforehand. Visitors to your website may find themselves directed away from your website in order to continue searching for the best value, and unfortunately may find themselves distracted and brought away from your business. The purpose of Facebook Remarketing is to encourage active consumers to revisit your products or services, by maintaining your brand’s presence and advertising to those who recognise your organisation right away. Additionally, this strategy can guide new customers who are searching for your product or services, but are unaware of your business.

Facebook Remarketing should aim to compel both new and existing customers back to your products or services. The method provides you with a second chance to sell to your customer, and your audience to discover or crucially rediscover your organisation, ensuring they purchase from you and not your competitor. We are able to examine your target audience and provide you with a strong Facebook Remarketing strategy that is both powerful and persuasive.

We have the expertise and the knowledge to provide you with a creative digital marketing strategy that you can be confident will be highly beneficial to your business. Our team’s experience and knowledge can transform your Facebook Remarketing and create imaginable advertising that attracts customers. Contact us today at here@asone.co.uk or call us on 0161 368 9100 for more information.Facebook Remarketing