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Facebook Introduces Facebook Reactions!

Facebook reactions

By now you have probably heard or seen the new Facebook reactions that have been introduced to the Facebook community.

There has been quite a bit of talk about Facebook delivering a ‘Dislike’ button but this new update is so much more than just the one button! The new update allows you to choose whether you Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad and feel Angry about a post.

The new Facebook reactions allows for a more dynamic interaction between people, because does anyone really want to like a post about a friends tragic break up? No! We want to show how sad and angry we are for them. Well now we can do that!

Below you can see an example of how the new update works on desktop. it’s as simple as hovering over the ‘like’ button and then selecting the emoji. For mobile users to see the emojis you just have to press and hold the ‘Like’ button which will then display your options.

We think that the update has been long awaited! However some do think it may open a door to cyber bullying. A post from TrueMedia said “It’s an open door for cyberbullies and crude sarcasm. If a user comes across a post their enemy has created, they can hit the angry button as a mode of intimidation” We would hope that in an ideal world that these buttons stay as fun and innocent as they are intended but with changes like this it is hard to predict what the outcome will be.

On a lighter not however we can’t wait to really test these buttons out and see what people really feel towards their fellow friends post!

Let us know on our Facebook and Twitter how you feel about the new Facebook Reactions!