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Facebook latest updates

Facebook reactions

In our previous blog we talked about Facebook’s latest update; Facebook Reactions. Now Facebook’s latest updates may be ones that at first glance that you may not spot! That’s why we’re going to run you through the most recent added features.


Facebook latest updatesNow stickers may not be the most new update that we have seen but it is definitely the cutest in the comment sections. The stickers are like bigger and cuter emojis that can express a range of reactions to a Facebook post! To be able to post these cute stickers all you need to do is select the smiley face on the righthand side of the comment box and select the one you desire! (Yes you can have Boo the dog!)Facebook latest updates




Pirate language

Facebook latest updatesYou can set your Facebook to most languages but did you know that now you can set your language to Pirate? Yes, now you can feel like a mid 1800’s pirate! It’s a very fun feature that leaves you discovering a new saying every minute! The new Facebook reactions change to even reflect this. ‘Wow’ changes to ‘Shiver me timbers’, ‘Sad’ becomes ‘Feelin’ like takin’ a walk on the plank with a bottle o’ rum’ and features like ‘Home’ become ‘Homeport’. So you can see that you would have hours of fun sifting through the new phrases and words.

Facebook notes

Are you a keen writer that likes everything stored in one place? Well now you can do that with Facebook! You can save and post content like a blog to your Facebook page simply by going to www.Facebook.com/notes. We took a look at the notes and we have to say that we like the clean and clear layout with the option to add images to your post making it a great way to post with more substance. Facebook latest updates

Legacy contact

Now here is one that we are not completely sure about! You can set to have someone control your account if you were to unfortunately pass away. The person you chose to take control of the account will be able to pin news stories to your timeline, respond to friend request and update your profile picture. You can also choose to have your account permanently deleted too if you should wish. Overall we think it is a new feature that will leave many people unsure whether it is a much needed feature or a creepy feature. . . We guess that’s for you to decide! Facebook latest updates

Live videos

Facebook has now updated it’s newsfeed algorithm to give more preference to live videos. Facebook has always been good at showing you what is the best but now they want to show you what is the newest. This means that you could soon be seeing an increase in the amount of live videos that are shown at the top of your newsfeed. This was decided after it was reported that people were spending as much as 3X as much time watching live videos as they did watching normal videos.The update at the moment is not supposed to significantly affect your page or the way it displays other content.

Instant articles

These articles provide a faster way of viewing articles from your Facebook newsfeed. The articles load ten times faster than your standard web  articles on the mobile app. The feature also includes auto-play videos, interactive maps and tilt to pan photos! It’s a great new way to get the latest news fast and easy from your Facebook home!

We could go on all day about Facebook updates as there is always new ones being brought out! But there are the top 5 that gain our particular interest!  Keep checking back for more on the latest updates on social media networks by subscribing to our newsletter!