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Showcasing Exhibition Space to Increase Occupancy

exhibition space

Like conferences, exhibitions are a popular way to show off the latest developments in an industry, and for retailers to make early sales of their newest products. Having an opportunity to get hands on with these new products and discuss the details with the manufacturers is also incredibly valuable for buyers. Having the right exhibition space is a key factor in making these events a success. 

For exhibition venues, marketing your space in the right way is vital to ensuring you generate lots of bookings to maximise occupancy, but many venues are failing to leverage the latest developments in digital marketing. 

Exhibition Space Marketing Considerations

exhibition space

To improve the effectiveness of your marketing efforts there are several key things you should keep in mind including:

  • Be specific about who you’re targeting – The products and services on display should be in keeping with the venue, so this may make your exhibition space more suited to certain industries over others. This will also include whether you’re targeting a luxury or lower cost audience. Another thing to think about is whether your location is particularly renowned for any specific industries. Are you clear on who your ideal target customer is?
  • Demonstrate understanding and experience – You will position your venue as leaders in the exhibition industry and help to differentiate from your competition if you demonstrate your expertise and understanding of what exhibitioners are looking for. Content marketing is an effective channel for this. For example:
    • Articulate how your space is suitable for displaying different types of projects, allowing for demos and the potential for people to interact with them. 
    • Highlight the need for quiet, private spaces where people can discuss commercial deals
    • Show appreciation for the fact that people will be tired after a long day working and will be interested in the leisure facilities available
  • Show the venue in the best light – Exhibitors will want to show off their projects and services in a setting that is befitting of them, it is therefore important that you show off the full potential of the space. This should include high-quality images and video of the exhibition space set up in various configurations so people can get a sense for what is possible. 
  • Think big – There is a lot of value for businesses attending exhibitions and getting early access to the latest developments in their industry. Therefore people will often travel from far and wide to attend the right event. Rather than focusing your attention on local businesses, don’t be afraid to look nationally and internationally to find possible exhibition organisers. You can achieve this by using paid ads to reach specific locations and industries. 

Marketing Your Exhibition Space with AsOne

At AsOne we have extensive experience working with companies in the hospitality industry, helping them to showcase the best that their venue has to offer and subsequently driving up bookings. 

If you’d like more information on how AsOne can help you market your exhibition space more effectively or ideas for how to increase MICE bookings across the board, don’t hesitate to get in touch and talk to our expert team. 

For venues based in the North East, AsOne are proudly part of the NEBSF funding program, which could entitle you to up to 40% off your project.