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Event Marketing – Getting Maximum Value from Conferences and Expos

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Conferences and expos are an incredibly powerful way to connect with other likeminded individuals and find out the latest developments in your industry. But the benefits also go far beyond this, and by using this content as part of an event marketing strategy you can build your brand and prestige among your customers. 

If you already attend industry events, are you doing everything possible to maximise the value from your attendance? Or could you be doing more to leverage this asset?

Event Marketing Benefits

Crafting a content marketing strategy around events gives you a wide range of material that you can use to share with your customers via multiple channels, this will include:

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  • Pre-event – Ahead of the event you can tell people via social media or your blog that you are planning to attend. This will make people aware that you will be there and will enable you to set up meetings with relevant contacts during the event.
  • Live updates – During the event you can provide updates to your audience via social media channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. This could be quick photos and brief commentary, or vlog entries of the most exciting things you’ve seen. 
  • Lessons learnt – After the event you can share longer-form content that provides an overview of the key trends and the main points of interest. This helps to establish you as a thought leader in the space and provides genuine value to your customers and readers. 
  • Slides and videos – If you presented as part of the event, you may be able to share the video footage via your website, or at the very least you could embed the PowerPoint slides with some further text commentary. Does your team speak at external events to help boost their credibility and establish their expertise?

For these things to have maximum impact, they should align with your broader content marketing strategy. Do you have a forward-thinking content calendar that enables you to schedule and plan for events well in advance? Do you proactively promote your blog content and marketing messages, for instance by emailing your customers to make them aware of your latest content?

Putting these building blocks in place will greatly improve the ROI of your marketing efforts over time. 

Event Marketing Strategies by AsOne

For professional services firms, in particular, event marketing can be a very effective way to establish your expertise in your field and attract new customers. 

At AsOne, we’ve worked with clients from across multiple industries to help them grow their businesses. We look holistically at digital business development and implement bespoke strategies to ensure our engagements achieve the best possible ROI. 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch for more information on how AsOne can help you leverage event marketing to ensure it has the greatest impact. 

For professional services firms based in the North East, you may find that you are eligible for a grant of up to 40% off your order under the NEBSF funding scheme, which AsOne is proud to support. 

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