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Do Holidays Hinder Your Business Plans?

employee holiday entitlement

If you run a small business, then you know just how important your employees are to you and your business. You don’t have many of them, and all of them have unique skills that are essential for your business to run its day-to-day operations. So when it comes to employee holiday entitlement, and they want to take a week off for their summer family holiday (as more than half of us take), it can leave your business at a disadvantage.

Of course, you’d never begrudge them their summer holiday; it is only because they are so integral that you are left with this dilemma, and it’s crucial that they enjoy their lives to keep them as productive as they are at work. But that doesn’t change the fact that if half of your marketing team is on holiday for two weeks in August, you might see a real dip in profits during high potential revenue periods. If your web developer flies to France on a Monday morning, and your checkout page stops taking payments on Tuesday afternoon, what’s your solution? Indeed, how can you justify your own holidays – which are crucial for your own productivity and mental health – if your employee holiday entitlement causes you such a headache? More than half of all small business owners take less than five days off a year, and 21% take no days off at all.

In some departments, the difficulties of employee holiday entitlement can be skirted around rather straightforwardly. Rescheduling a sales call is often unproblematic, or can be easily handled by yourself; an HR dispute can often wait a week until the relevant people are back in the office.

With your digital presence, this isn’t the case. People on your website are often interacting with your company for the first time, and if there’s a problem then they won’t be coming back. If your paid advertising goes down, then you’re missing potentially thousands of clients. In this department, employee holiday entitlement can cause a real business shortfall – especially in the summer, when you might have multiple employees all off at the same time.

Partnering with an external digital agency like AsOne solves all of the problems of employee holiday entitlement. With a dedicated team working 365 days a year on your digital presence, there’s no risk of employee holiday entitlement leaving your business at a disadvantage. For less than the cost of hiring a junior employee, you can get access to a team of expert professionals who will work to your business goals, and develop a deep understanding of your business – making it a far better business decision than repeatedly hiring temporary workers, for example.

At AsOne, we pride ourselves on the deep, close and long-standing relationships that we form with our clients, such that we become an extension of their business, rather than a third party. As a full-service digital agency, we can build your website from scratch, maintain it with key updates, provide full technical support for it, and design, develop and implement the marketing strategy which will drive customers to it. We will do all of this alongside you, ensuring that the strategy fits with your wider business development goals and that you are getting the best from your digital presence. Rather than sweating over employee holiday entitlement, let AsOne take the stresses away by providing you with a dedicated team, all year round. Contact us today to discuss your digital business development.