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AsOne Continues Look Out for Emerging Manchester Talent

After the success of the Digital Skills Festival and meeting some amazing young talent we held an assessment day at our offices on the 14th of March. The day gave us a chance to look for young Manchester talent to offer the opportunity of a work placement over the Summer with AsOne & our team.

We shortlisted a group of candidates who expressed keen interest within Digital industry who were interested in sectors such as marketing, copywriting, web design, graphic design and much more. They also showed enthusiasm with working with our company AsOne because of the diverse clients we work with. Giving them the opportunity to fully immerse themselves within many different areas of the digital industry.

Emerging Manchester Talent

This type of placement opportunity gives many university students invaluable experience which can help towards their course and getting a job once they have graduated. More Businesses can help do their part for the future generation by offering placements, work experience or apprenticeships.

If you have an interest in offering young students a chance to work for your company on a placement basis there are many ways you can do this. You don’t have to go to events such as the Digital Skills Festival in order to find talent. You can contact schools, colleges and universities directly to express your interest. They can then help you find the perfect candidate.

We encourage business to offer placements, work experience and apprenticeships to young adults because it brings a fresh perspective to your business. An extra pair of hands can help your productivity. The injection of new enthusiasm in your team will help to bring a new wave of excitement with the added benefit of a fresh mind and opinions.

If you would like to hold a day like ours where you bring in a group of young talent we recommend that you prepare for the day. We choose to give our candidates assessments which were relevant to the placement we would be looking to fill. This allows individual candidates to shine and show you their knowledge.

We work closely with the DCN to highlight the benefits of employing young and aspiring talent especially those looking towards an apprenticeship. It is our continued mission to find the best emerging Manchester talent, giving them the opportunity to reach their potential in the Digital industry.

It was inspiring to meet many enthusiastic students who are keen to begin working in their chosen sector. We are looking forward to working further with the young talent of Manchester.