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Email Remarketing – Are You Using It?

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Abandoned Sign-Ups

Do you find that some users get part-way through your sign-up process and then abandon it leaving you with questions, like why; when did they leave; can I stop this happening? If so, why not use the information that they have given you to find out why or to entice them to finish off the sign-up process. This is called email remarketing.

Email Remarketing

More than 300 billion dollars are lost in e-commerce sales each year as 70% of web visitors abandon the online purchasing process.– moz.com

During the sign-up process, they will more than likely have been asked for an email address. Depending on how far through the process they reached, you might have access their email address. If you do, you now have the chance to find out why they abandoned through email remarketing. It may be something that you could fix which should lead to more completed sign-ups.

According to an article on moz.com, the top five reasons for abandoning a shopping cart are:

  • Shipping costs are too high
  • Not ready to purchase
  • Wanted to compare prices
  • Price was too high
  • Saved product for later

Email Marketing For Existing Customers

How do you contact your existing customers? You might call them, you could email them, they may well come into your store if you have one. If you don’t email them, then why not? You’re missing out on a great opportunity. It’s a cheap way of getting some information to them quickly! Why miss out on an opportunity to tell your customers about your newest product, your next big sale or anything you would like them to read about.

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