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Email Marketing Strategy – Driving Sales with Direct Email

email marketing

Email marketing is an extremely effective way of engaging an audience and helping to drive your business forward. To be successful, however, you need a well-designed email marketing strategy that takes in to account your specific needs and the style of your brand. 

Emails can be doubly effective when promoting events, as they create a sense of urgency which is a great tool to help sell tickets. 

Benefits of Implementing an Email Marketing Strategy

There are several specific benefits to using email marketing that will help you meet your business goals including:

email marketing
  • Proactive – Contacting potential customers via email allows you to be proactive, rather than waiting for them to come to you, either by searching for your website or following an ad.  
  • Multiple touchpoints – If you want to tell your audience a story over time, email is a great tool. For example in the run-up to an event, you can send out a staggered stream of emails, building excitement as the date approaches. 
  • Time-based – Unlike other types of marketing communications, a proactive email marketing strategy means that you can target potential customers at specific times. For example, you might want your offer to arrive at the beginning of the month when people are likely to have just been paid. 
  • Create urgency – You can also use the time-based nature of emails to create urgency, which is a powerful sales tool in itself. For example, you can count down the days to an event, or urge people to buy tickets before they sell out.  
  • Multimedia – In the mobile-enabled, information age that we live in, emails needn’t be boring text-based messages, they can be full of rich engaging content to help deliver a dose of excitement to your customer’s inbox. This can include images, infographics or even video, and you can link to other landing pages with even more info. 
  • Tracking and Analytics – An effective email marketing strategy will include analytics which enables you to detect how users engaged with your emails. This will tell you how many emails were opened, what time they were opened and whether they were forwarded. This is valuable information to help you optimise future campaigns.

Email Marketing, AsOne Style

At AsOne we’ve been helping businesses take advantage of the latest digital marketing technologies for over a decade. We’ve developed email marketing strategy with clients from a wide range of industries and have in-depth knowledge of what works and what doesn’t. In one email campaign, we secured a transaction worth over £500k.

One increasingly important factor in email marketing is data security and privacy. You have to ensure that you are storing email addresses and any other personal data correctly and that you have the right permission from your customers to send emails. Our team is well versed in these issues and can help to make sure you are compliant with the latest regulations like GDPR. 

For more information on how to craft a great email marketing strategy for your business, don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our experts. You can reach us via phone on 0161 368 9100, email or through our social media pages. Businesses based in the North East may be eligible for funding through the NEBSF scheme, which entitles to them to up to 40% off their project.