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Seek the Right Advice on eCommerce Website Development

ecommerce website development

ecommerce website development

With such a wide range of affordable tools and platforms available, it has never been easier to start a business online. But as the barriers to entry have fallen the internet has become increasingly competitive, with more and more websites vying for our attention.

While there may be a temptation to use a DIY tool to build your website, or a cheap web agency, it is worth considering the following:

  • Stand out from the crowd – DIY tools and budget web design packages rely on standard web design templates. In an increasingly crowded market you want web design that stands out from everyone else.
  • Use their expertise – You’ll have a million decisions to make about your ecommerce website development when you’re starting out, including basic things such as whether you build a Magento shop, or use the WooCommerce plugin for WordPress. An ecommerce agency will be able to guide you through each of these decision points, advising you on the best course of action at each turn.
  • Focus on what you’re great at – One of the final points to consider is the time investment required to get your website off the ground. If web development isn’t your strong point, you’ll waste lots of time building a poorly performing site that you could have spent driving your business forward in other ways.  

Remember, what works also changes over time, and working with a partner agency gives you access to the very latest information on what is up and coming in the web design space.

Give your business the edge

Professional ecommerce website development can be the difference between success and failure for online businesses. While many people think that you simply need a page that lists your products, and a mechanism for collecting payment, there are actually far more detailed nuances that should be considered. For example:

  • Build trust signals – When you’re asking people to hand over their credit card details, they need to have a certain level of trust in your brand. This starts with having a professionally designed website that is free of errors, glitches and formatting mistakes, but also extends to things like having the proper SSL certificates.
  • Drive conversion – It is one thing getting lots of traffic to your site, but how do you convert them into paying customers? Really great ecommerce website development focuses on turning that traffic into revenue.
  • Optimise order flow – A big part of improving your conversion rate is about optimising the experience for the customer as they go through the order process. How easy is it to go from placing something in the basket to having your order confirmed? The more difficult you make it, with more steps in between, the higher drop-off rate you can expect.
  • Secure – Clearly, security is of utmost importance when collecting financial and personal information online. Not only do you need to give your customers the right trust signals, as outlined above, but you need to protect the future of your business. A security breach could result in fines and serious reputational damage. Professional ecommerce website development will take this into consideration from the outset.

Find a partner to help you scale

Many people see web development as a one-time thing, designing and building a website for a particular purpose and then not updating it until many years down the line. However, for the most successful online businesses, web development is a core part of what they do.

By analysing site traffic and customer interactions you can optimise different parts of the site on a daily basis. Removing steps from the order flow, building new trust signals or taking steps to optimise conversion will all have a positive impact on your revenue figures.

At AsOne, we work with clients on all aspects of their digital business development, from helping them with the initial concept design, through to building the site and generating traffic. We also form lasting relationships to help grow the business through constant iteration and improvement to the sites over time.

If you’re ready to try a new approach to your website or business and would like some ideas, get in touch.