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Perfecting your eCommerce User Experience

eCommerce User Experience

User experience (UX) design has become really important over the last ten years, with established online companies hiring large teams to focus on this seemingly small part of ecommerce website design.

eCommerce User Experience

This is due to the fact that UX can actually turn out to be the determining factor in your businesses success. Designing and regularly updating your site with ecommerce user experience at the forefront of your mind is an excellent way to improve customer satisfaction, conversion and ultimately profitability.

But what exactly does UX cover?

Understanding User Experience

UX is a broad concept that covers many aspects of web design and development. At its heart, it is all about looking at the site from the customer’s perspective, and making it as simple to use and user-friendly as possible. Commercially, it can also be used to influence customer behaviour on the site, and steer them towards certain products over others.

Influencing customer behaviour on the site can ultimately help you to increase upsells, resulting in higher profitability.

Some of the core concepts include:

  • Understanding customer psychology – Even before you get into the specifics of on page design, thinking about what the customer is looking for when they land on the page will help to create a positive user experience from the very outset.
  • Calls to actions – Creating buttons, or clear links to help customers navigate through the site is an excellent way to streamline user journeys and steer customers towards the pages you want them to see.
  • Page load speeds – Highlighting the fact that UX is about more than just the visual elements of the site, other factors such as load speeds also contribute significantly to customer’s experience.

Data and analytics are also a really important part. Having hard numbers that tell you how customers interact with different elements of the site allows you to gradually evolve and improve. Equally, it is sometimes important to put the data to one side and engage with real customers as they use the site. This qualitative feedback can be really useful for spotting issues with the ecommerce user experience.

Ecommerce User Experience Expertise

You may not be ready to invest in hiring a full-time UX designer for your company, but you can expect to achieve these benefits by partnering with an ecommerce agency that has the technical knowledge and experience to deliver to the same high standard.

One of the key benefits of working with someone like AsOne to improve the user experience of your site is that we have the depth of knowledge gained from doing this work with clients across a whole range of industries. We know what works and what doesn’t. Like all agencies that provide specialist ecommerce solutions, we make it our business to keep up to date with the changing landscape of user experience (UX) design bringing this breadth of knowledge and experience to our clients.

As a leading user experience agency, we develop our clients on a continual basis.

If you’re interested in understanding more about how as one can help to improve your user experience, conversion rate and revenue, don’t hesitate to get in touch.