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Shaping Your Store For Success

Shopping online for consumers can be an anonymous experience. In physical locations, your store layout and design leaves an impression on customers – think Footlocker’s iconic colour scheme or the vastness of Selfridges which is difficult to convey online. If you can find a way to make your ecommerce store stick in the mind of the user, amongst the various sites that they visit that day; one of the best ways to do this is via ecommerce personalisation

eCommerce Personalisation

Using personalisation techniques makes your shopper’s experience easier, smoother and more memorable – which, in the competitive online space, are emotions and feelings which will make your business stand out from the crowd.

ecommerce personalisation

There are a number of ways to implement ecommerce personalisation onto your webstore, the simplest of which involves users creating accounts through which you can track their orders – and by learning which products and services they prefer, you can offer them faster routes to their favourite purchases.

Using customer’s order histories is one way of determining for certain their favourite products and services; but, by definition, it requires you to have already made a sale to that user. As a remarketing tool it is highly effective, but what if you could have an insight into a user’s choice before they’d made a purchase?

By successfully incorporating analytics tracking into your site, you might be able to give users the extra information or persuasion they need to make a first time purchase. Information such as their search query, landing page and scroll depth could all give you an indication of the specific products or services that they seek, and through ecommerce personalisation you can signpost them directly to these parts of your webstore.

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