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Making the Most of Lockdown

Although stores are being allowed to reopen in June, it seems as though we’re looking at months, rather than weeks, before consumers are returning to stores like before. It’s clear then that in order to survive and thrive under lockdown and in the midst of the pandemic, you need a bustling eCommerce store, and a prime eCommerce marketing strategy to drive people to it.

There are a range of decisions to make regarding your eCommerce marketing strategy – but whether you need one isn’t one of those choices. Once you’ve built your eCommerce store, having digital marketing that captures web users that match demographic or geographic criteria that you set. Employing these tools as part of your eCommerce strategy leads to huge increases in traffic and revenue on your online store, meaning that your business can continue to thrive under the social distancing laws that have seen life across the world change drastically in the last two months.

One of the most effective tools at your disposal is PPC, which allows you to show your store to people who are searching for your services – and you can only pay for the ones who actually click on your adverts and see what you have to offer. With the furlough scheme extended to October at least, most people still have a reliable portion of their wages coming in and they are increasingly spending the disposable income that they have online, unable or cautious to get out to the non-essential shops that most products would usually be sold in.

ecommerce marketing strategy

Another facet of your eCommerce marketing strategy that is absolutely crucial is social media, both organic and paid. Organic social media means the posts that you might make which keep people up to date with what your brand is offering and how a user can acquire your service under lockdown; paid social media refers to the adverts that you run on social media sites which attract potential customers to your pages or sites. By using social media adverts, you can target people who have a known interest in the services you offer, even if they aren’t actively searching for it at the time.

AsOne’s expertise goes beyond building eCommerce stores and into digital marketing, as proven by our work in the past. Our strategies have helped businesses in all sectors and industries to boost their incomes and we pride ourselves on our results – which you can look at for yourself in our case studies section here.

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ecommerce marketing strategy